True North Savannahs

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True North Savannahs

We are a small in-home TICA registered cattery in Montgomery, Minnesota raising healthy socialized F3, F4 and F6 kittens since 2021

Who We Are

My husband Mike and I were born and raised in North Dakota and have lived in the Midwest all our lives. Growing up with a variety of pets, our now adult son and daughter possess their own love and appreciation of animals and are always willing to help with the cattery. We are happy to call Minnesota our home now.

From the moment we first laid eyes on a Savannah we fell in love! We could not resist the tall, lean, and athletic bodies with the variety of spotted coat colors. The exotic striking coats reminded me of mini cheetahs. As we got to witness first hand how highly intelligent and endlessly curious they are we were enamored. Having Savannahs these past few years has confirmed there is nothing we don’t love about them!

What We Hope For

Our goal as breeders is to produce healthy, well-socialized Savannahs with serval traits. With every litter we continue to improve our kittens with every generation. We are thrilled to share this amazing breed with others





Chenoa Wilson
Montgomery, Minnesota


Tel: (507) 380-2905


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